Acrobatics (zaji, 杂技)

  • Chaoyang Theater (Chaoyang Juchang, 朝阳剧场)

Address: 36 Dongsanhuan Beilu, Chaoyang District
Phone: 010-6507-2421
Tickets: ¥120-¥300($15-$37)

The only place to see both Peking Opera highlights and acrobatics on the same night. Chaoyang Theatre
offers an excellent introduction to Chinese acrobatics, a popular form of entertainment dating back 2,000
years. This is definitely Beijing’s biggest and slickest acrobatics performance. Daily hour-long performances
feature the China Acrobatic Troupe-the largest such group in the country-who also perform magic. Expect to
see spinning plates, trapeze artists, contortionists, tumbling acrobats, 12 girls on one bicycle and a stunning
lion dance.

  • Tianqiao Acrobatic Theatre (Wangsheng Juchang, 万胜剧场)

Address: 95 Tianqiao Market, Xuanwu District
Phone: 010-6303-7449
Tickets: ¥380, ¥280, ¥180
Hours: 5:30pm-6:30pm, 7:15pm-8:40pm daily

The Beijing Acrobatic Troupe (Beijing Zaji Tuan, 北京杂技团) is less popular than the traditional Chinese
Acrobatics Show, but the performances are far better. There’s some excellent contortionism and unicycle

  • Beijing Worker’s Club
Address: 7 Hufang Lu, Xuanwu District
Phone: 010-6352-8910

  • Tiandi  Theatre (The Universal Theatre)

Address: 10 Dongzhimen Nandajie, Changyang District
Phone: 010-6416-9893
Open Hours: 7:15-8:30 pm

The Universal Theater, a newly refurbished venue conveniently close to downtown Beijing, offers a superbly
comfortable environment in which to goggle at what's happening on stage.

Martial Arts and Kung Fu Shows

  • The Red Theatre 红剧场

Address: 44 Xingfu Dajie, Chongwen District
Phone: 010-6710-3672; 010-6714-2473
Price: RMB 180 to RMB 680 with dinner
Show time: 5:15pm-6:30pm and 7:30pm-8:55
Transportation: Public bus 8, 41,60 or 686

With its Vegas-style stage, the daily Legend of Kung Fu Show is as commercial as they come. Extravagant
martial arts are complemented by neon, fog and heavy-handed sound effects. The show features a number
of dramatic displays, including some nail-biting spear maneuvers.

  • Shaolin Warriors(Shaolin Xiongfeng, 少林雄风)

Address: Chaoyang Cultural Centre, 17 Jintaili, Xiaozhuang, Chaoyang District
Directions: Jintai Xilu runs from Guanghua Lu up to Cahoyang Bei Lu, and is on the corner of Chaoyang Lu,
one block in from the East Third Ring Road.
Phone: 010-8599-0393 (English)
Open hours: 7:30pm-8:50 pm daily
Cost: RMB180-RMB380
Tickets(in Chinese):
About the Show:

Acclaimed across the globe, the Shaolin Warriors captivate and amaze as they display an awe-inspiring
combination of martial arts, contortion, acrobatics and incredible athletic skills as they weave an enchanting
storyline that reflects their ancient philosophy and traditions. Shaolin Warriors Legendary Masters of Kung-
Fu is more than a kung fu show. The four scenes of summer, autumn, winter and spring depict the
philosophical theory of the life cycle of Buddhism and vividly show the rarely-seen temple like of Shaolin
monks; their Buddhist meditation, as well as their martial arts training during the coldest and hottest times of
the year

The Shaolin Warrior Troupe might be steeped in Zen Buddhist philosophy, but that doesn't mean you should
mess with its members: It's not for nothing that their kung fu tradition has been at the center of Chinese
martial arts culture for more than a millennium. The masters' butt-kicking, amazingly graceful hand-to-hand
combat and weaponry skills are on display in a performance that's part action flick, part Cirque du Soleil. The
show is mainly dance, with the monks showing their skills in balance and coordination. One of the underlying
themes in the show is how the monks can defend themselves with their bare hands but also with everyday
objects from their lives - staffs, sticks, even their begging bowl.
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